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Dyer Engineering join forces with Discovery School to encourage young engineers

Posted on 2/20/2014 by SuperUser Account in Dyer Engineering Engineering jobs

Graeme Parkins MD of Dyer Engineering joined some of the region’s other key directors in the sector to speak to students set to attend a unique engineering school due to open this year

Newcastle’s Discovery School will offer 14 to 19-year-olds traditional qualifications, but will focus on the STEM subjects with the aim of preparing its pupils for careers in engineering and the process industries. The curriculum will be delivered in a different way, with lessons largely taking the form of hands-on projects, based in labs and workshops, rather than classrooms.

Pictured with Graeme Parkins, are student George Etchingham, Tony Wilson of domnick hunter, and students Charlotte Brass and Oliver Allan

Dyer Engineering  joined forces with Discovery School in a bid to encourage more young people to enter the profession.

Graeme Parkins  commented “I think there is a big problem with our education sector because it isn’t  linking up with industry and responding to the needs of businesses ..........We have countless jobs and opportunities, but we do not have the talent coming through and that is a big problem.............We have the space, the machinery, the clients and the vacancies for graduates and apprentices, but we do not see the people......We have taken on about 14 young people in the last two years. We do have great kids coming in, but it can be hard work to find them. With the launch of Discovery School, we hope to have a steady stream of young people coming through who we can readily employ.”

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